The Homes of Naomi, Ruth & Boaz

 Program for Individuals in need of minimum supervision:

Program Goals & Structure at NRB:

1. Pre-screening including WA. State and national background checks.

2. Blackout time - First 30-60 days, individuals are considered a guest until after review.  (job, schools, and medical appointments are exempt.  Case by case time varies)

3. A desire to grasp and develop a healthy clean and sober way of life.

4. Commitment to approved recovery oriented activity and random room searches and drug screens.  Building & maintaining positive, healthy relationships & role models.

5. Commitment to self support and self sufficiency.  Guest residents should be up at 7:00 am and have chores done by 9:00 am. 

6. Guests/Residents are able to stay at NRB for three months - two years if they are in compliance with house rules.

7. Program fee . (Once paid all fees are non refundable)

8  Parents must be able to fully care and supervise their children's needs on a daily basis without any assistance.

9. Attendance to all house support group meetings (NA, AA, counseling per resident treatment plan, volunteering time to help in the community). 

10. Spiritual enrichment meetings will be held in the common area of the house.